At Krav Maga Roanoke we regularly offer two seminars:

  • KMR Armed Engagement and
  • BE A S.A.V.A.G.E. WOMAN.

More information and flyers for each are shown below.

For the next offerings, either check our schedule page or contact us.

We also offer workshops that are safe, fun, exciting and unique to your organization or group. We will customize curriculum for your specific needs depending on size, skill level and interests.

Groups included:

  • Corporations and businesses
  • Real estate companies
  • Church groups
  • Team building activities
  • Women’s groups
  • Co-ed groups

Workshop themes offered:

  • Women’s self-defense specific
  • Self-defense fundamentals
  • Weapon defenses
We can host your group at our facility or we can come to your location. Yes, we are mobile!
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KMR Armed Engagement

Are you a concealed carry holder? If you answered yes, ask yourself this, how often do you train? I’m not talking about shooting at a target, I’m talking about self-defense training, while carrying a firearm.

Most critical incidents happen within clinching range to 6 feet and they happen suddenly, violently, with little to no warning. Our KMR Armed Engagement class is geared towards integrating hand to hand and firearm defense skills necessary to avoid or stop the threat at these distances.

What our KMR Armed Engagement program encompasses:

  • Weapon retention
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Acquiring, drawing and shooting your firearm at close range, under stress
  • Hand to hand self-defense techniques
  • Situational awareness
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Verbal and nonverbal commands
  • Legalities of the use of deadly force
  • Managing the aftermath

How do we do it? We develop concealed carry combat skills in an environment that usually wouldn’t be considered bullet friendly. We understand that a large percentage of the defensive shooting skill set is the practical development and constant practicing of firearm manipulation techniques. This is accomplished through the use of training aids such as:

  • Training guns
  • SIRT Training laser training guns
  • Scenario training

*Seven spots available with training gun – if you have your own training gun you can sign up and notify us that you have your own.


BE A S.A.V.A.G.E. WOMAN is the premier self-protection course for women. From situational awareness to defending common attacks to turning your body in to a weapon – this workshop will increase your mental preparation, skill set, and confidence.

Be a Strong woman
Be an Aware woman
Be a Victorious woman
Be an Aggressive woman
Be a Gutsy woman
Be an Extraordinary woman

During this workshop we will work on:

  • Situational awareness
  • How to avoid becoming a victim
  • Defenses to common attacks
  • How to turn your body in to a weapon
  • Interactive and high energy exercises

BE A S.A.V.A.G.E. WOMAN is ONLY available at Krav Maga Roanoke.


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