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Learn from the best Krav Maga and fitness instructors in the Roanoke Valley. We are dedicated to providing a fun, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community.

Whether your plan is to protect yourself, lose weight, meet new like-minded people, or improve your day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible, while having fun doing it! The benefits of Krav Maga and self-defense classes are endless: from confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment. Whether you’re enjoying our Krav Maga classes or our fun and intense fitness, you’ll start seeing improvement in mind, body and spirit in only a few short sessions.


We Don’t Teach Empowerment – We Uncover It!

At Krav Maga Roanoke, we’re not in the business of empowering our students because we know that you already have the all the power you’ll ever need. What we do is show you how powerful you really are! Through years of teaching Krav Maga, self-defense, and fitness, we’ve come to realize that everyone is so much more capable than they ever imagine and we’re here to show you that.

From throwing your first punch or doing your first kettlebell swing, to experiencing your first time escaping a ground fight, you’ll be removing limitations that you may have felt for years; you’ll uncover and recognize the strength that’s been there forever. Our classes and instructors push you to be better every day: to do that extra burpee, throw that extra punch, or go that extra round. To allow you to realize how strong you REALLY are!

Bryan Cochran

Owner, Chief Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer

With over 20 years experience teaching martial arts, Bryan has a passion for teaching students of all ages realistic self-defense skills that will prepare them for any real world threat. Bryan holds a 4th degree black belt in Kempo-Karate, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds instructor certifications with Atlas Krav Maga, Krav Maga alliance and Fit to Fight. Bryan is a true believer in the “always a student mentality.” He always seeks out and trains with multiple instructors to not only keep his own skills sharp, but to constantly keep what he teaches evolving and on the cutting edge.

When he is not training or teaching Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, anything outdoors and practicing his firearm skills at a local range.

Nicki Cochran

Program and Fitness Director

Meet Nicki, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse and graduate of Virginia Tech with a B.S degree and 2 years graduate studies in Exercise Physiology. Nicki loves the teaching aspect of her job in healthcare and fitness and enjoys helping others meet their health and fitness goals to improve their quality of life. Nicki is a wife and mom and enjoys hiking with her dog, Achilles, family vacationing, Mexican food and Margaritas! She has also trained in Krav Maga and can kick butt with her Level 2 status!

Kristin Collins


Kristen Collins is currently a Level 3 Krav Maga student at KMR. She received her Level 1 Instructor Certification through FTF in Charlotte in September of 2019 and regularly attends training seminars to increase her skill set. Before that, she taught kickboxing during college and trained for nine years in Universal Kempo Karate earning a first-degree black belt. She is a photographer and along with her husband, they own Simple Times Photography. They have three small kids and a weird set of best friend dogs, a German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix. Kristen speaks in sarcasm and movie quotes. She loves sushi, dogs, going to concerts, spending time with her family and friends and of course, training and coaching at KMR.

Michelle Rader


Michelle Rader began training with KMR in July of 2017 and from the beginning showed her leadership and mentoring skills in class. With hard work and determination, she has completed three levels of Krav Maga training and attended Fit to Fight seminars in Charlotte, NC where she also received instructor training. Michelle is a firm believer that everyone should have the skills to defend and empower themselves and she brings that passion to every one of her classes.

Michelle has a degree in Anthropology and is the General Manager at Olive Garden. She enjoys the community aspect of her job, as it allows her to get involved in helping her community through non-profit organizations such as, the Ronald McDonald House, Rescue Mission, STAR City Council, RSPCA, and LOA. Michelle spends some of her free time at the gun range working on her proficiency. When she isn’t working, or training she enjoys traveling with her family, baking, and geeking out to Star Wars and Marvel movies. And on some days, its just laundry and bacon.

Jared Vincent


Jared began his training at KMR in January of 2017 and has earned his Level 3  rank in Krav Maga. He is a former police officer with training in defensive tactics and teaching experience as a field training officer.

In his free time, Jared likes to be outdoors. He enjoys canoeing, hiking, and spending time advancing his own martial arts development.

Seth Moritz


Meet Seth Moritz. Seth is a Level 3 Krav Maga student, certified Knife Control Concepts Instructor, and licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  He loves instructing and seeing students become empowered and strive to be better versions of themselves. Seth is an avid runner and cyclist and enjoys hiking with his dog and cooking, when he’s not training at KMR.

Sara Ford

Certified Personal Trainer

Sara Ford is a certified Personal Trainer through ACSM and holds several other group fitness certifications. With more than ten years experience in the fitness industry, Sara enjoys sharing her passion for fitness with her clients and loves helping them reach their fitness goals.  Sara has a background in Karate and is currently training Krav Maga. She enjoys biking and running with her dogs on the greenway.

Jodi Long

Fitness Instructor

Jodi Long is an ACE certified group fitness instructor who has been leading fitness classes for over 25 years. She enjoys motivating others to reach their fitness goals and have fun while doing it.
In her free time Jodi enjoys hiking, reading, and supporting the Virginia Tech football and wrestling programs.  She also enjoys learning new skills like playing the piano.


Let us help you pick the right program and answer your questions!


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How is Krav Maga training different from other martial arts?2019-11-24T10:19:45-05:00

Krav Maga training focuses on realistic scenarios and attacks, developing the self-defense mindset, and developing the skills you need to survive an attack.

How will Krav Maga Training benefit me?2019-11-15T13:57:47-05:00

Our classes have numerous benefits. You will learn important self-defense skills, improved physical fitness and confidence to name a few.

Do I have to sign a contract?2019-11-15T13:57:17-05:00

No, unlike our competitors, we do not do any long-term contracts.

Do you have limits on how many times per week I can train?2019-11-15T13:57:08-05:00

No, all our memberships, adults and children, allow our students unlimited access to our schedule. You can train as many times per week as you wish.

How many times per week SHOULD I train?2019-11-15T13:56:58-05:00

We recommend that you train at least two times per week. Successful self-defense training is largely dependent on developing muscle memory. Being able to retain the information and recall it quickly takes practice, repetition, and drilling. But the right amount of training is really a personal decision based on age, body type, work and family schedule, etc. We recommend that you start with a moderate schedule and work your way up to more frequent training as you go.

What should I bring/wear to class?2019-11-15T13:56:47-05:00

Wear comfortable, clean, tasteful clothes that you can work out in and whatever shoes (optional) you would normally wear day to day. Students are free to use MMA style gloves for striking. For beginners and guests, we have loaner gloves at the center that you are welcomed to use. A mouthpiece and groin protection (for males) is not required but highly recommended. We recommend students bring a water bottle as well.

Does KMR have changing rooms?2019-11-15T13:56:36-05:00

Yes, we offer private changing rooms.

How do I choose which classes to attend or which classes for my child to attend?2019-11-15T13:56:26-05:00

Adult beginner students may attend all Level 1 classes and our Saturday morning Mixed Level class. For first time adults, we recommend attending one of our Level 1 classes. For our children’s program, White, Purple and Blue belts can only attend the beginner Young Warriors classes and the Mixed Warrior classes. Young Warriors that are Green, Brown and Black belts, can attend any Young Warriors classes.

Do I have to be in good shape to join or try a class?2019-11-15T13:56:13-05:00

Absolutely not! We have men and women start at all fitness levels. You do not have to be in shape to get in shape. Krav Maga training will improve your strength, endurance and overall fitness level.

What age ranges are in your adult classes?2019-11-15T13:56:00-05:00

We have a wide range of ages in our adult program. We have teens, young adults and middle age students from all walks of life. We currently have a student who is 81 years young!

What is the structure of a KMR class?2019-11-15T13:55:38-05:00

A typical class will start with a dynamic warm-up which could include functional training drills, functional fitness drills, partner drills, calisthenics and body weight exercises. This will be followed by some sort of striking techniques/combinations and self-defense principles. Class will end with a final drill. Our classes are a mixture of supportive, fun, serious, focused and goofy. There are moments of intense concentration… moments of fun & games… moments of encouraging one another to keep going and do your best… and so much more. It’s a vibrant blend of fun, focus and passion.

Do you have a referral program?2019-11-15T13:55:17-05:00

Of course! If you refer someone to our academy and they sign up with a membership you will receive a t-shirt of your choice free!