I have served as a Law Enforcement Officer for the past 7 years and Roanoke Valley Academy of Martial Arts has the “total package” of what I was looking for. The Kempo Karate and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu offered through RVAMA helps to keep me sharp in my self defense skills. I am constantly challenged to improve my level of physical fitness through the numerous fitness programs that they offer.

One of my duties is to teach new officers how to defend themselves in physical confrontations. I always make it a point to tell the new officers that once they finish their training with the police academy that it is important to continue their self defense and physical fitness training because it is a “perishable skill”, meaning that if you don’t continue to practice and hone these skills, they will diminish. So naturally, a good teacher practices what he preaches, right? That is why I train at The Roanoke Valley Academy of Martial Arts.

Bryan and Nicki Cochran take personal pride in everything that they teach at this school, and it shows through in the determination and attitudes of their students. The icing on the cake is the warm, inviting atmosphere of RVAMA. Not only do they teach fitness and self defense, but they promote character, morals, confidence, and self-worth.

To put it simply, RVAMA is an uplifting place that welcomes anyone who desires to better their lives through fitness and self defense training. I recommend this school to anyone looking for any of these things, and I look forward to continuing my training here at RVAMA!