Krav Maga lessons in Roanoke, Virginia

Krav Maga is the world’s leading reality based self-defense and fighting system. Krav Maga was developed in the Israeli Defense Force and is the official self-defense system of the IDF. In it’s civilian form, Krav Maga is a no non-sense, easy to learn, easy to apply system that allows people from diverse physical backgrounds to quickly learn practical skills that could save their lives.

You will learn how to attack vulnerable areas of the aggressor’s body to quickly neutralize the threat. You will learn to defend against common attacks such as punches, holds, grabs and tackles. Krav Maga students also learn to defend against weapons such as knives, blunt objects, handguns and long guns. The principle is simple, inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible while sustaining as little damage as possible. Krav Maga training is for anyone wanting to learn skills that could potentially save your life while building fitness and self-confidence.


Dress Code:

Wear comfortable, clean, tasteful clothes that you can workout in and whatever shoes (optional) you would normally wear day to day. Students will need MMA style gloves for striking. A mouthpiece and groin protection (for males) is not required but highly recommended.


At RVAMA, we promote a culture of respect and courtesy for one another. Showing off or not listening to instructors may cause someone to be injured and will not be tolerated. Our goal is to make each other stronger through a culture and atmosphere of community, encouragement, and support of one another.